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No Requirement of Fssai License or Fssai Registration for Entity owned by Single / Main Units

Fssai Registration
Fssai Registration Process 2020 | Fssai License Guidelines | Raag Consultants

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As per Fssai rules and regulations, every food business operator has to take mandatory fssai license for each location if that food business operator is operating from more than one location. But now as per new fssai rules and regulations, there is no requirement of Fssai registration or Fssai license for last mile delivery persons, Direct sellers, Food vending machines, Water vending machines, Food ATMs, Branded food carts owned by single / main entity. As per new rules and regulations, every main unit shall issue ID Cards with unique identity number and main unit Fssai license number. In case, ID Card does not have photo of the individual, then that individual must have Identity proof of him. In addition to this, the main entity must ensure that the individual who will handle the carts should be medically fit.

This amendment is applicable only when the main entity has taken the responsibility of Compliance as per Fssai rules and regulations of all the individuals.

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