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How do I renew my trademark registration?

Trademark registration is a valuable asset for any business as it protects their brand identity and distinguishes it from competitors. However, trademark registration is not a one-time process; it requires renewal to maintain its validity. In this blog, we will discuss how to renew your trademark registration in India.

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Trademark registration in India is valid for ten years from the date of filing the application. Once the initial ten-year period is over, the trademark owner can renew the registration for another ten years by filing an application for renewal. The renewal application must be filed within six months before the expiration of the initial ten-year period. Failing to renew the trademark registration on time may result in the loss of trademark protection, and the trademark may become available for use by others.

Here are the steps to renew a trademark registration in India:

Step 1: Conduct a trademark search

Before filing the renewal application, it's essential to conduct a trademark search to ensure that no other similar or identical trademark has been registered after the initial registration. This will prevent potential trademark infringement issues and ensure the smooth renewal of the trademark registration.

Step 2: File the renewal application

Once the trademark search is conducted, the renewal application must be filed with the Trademark Registry. The renewal application must include the following information:

  • The trademark registration number

  • The date of the initial trademark registration

  • The class(es) of goods/services for which the trademark is registered

  • The renewal fees

The renewal application can be filed online through the official website of the Trademark Registry or by mail with the appropriate fees.

Step 3: Review and approval by the Registrar

After filing the renewal application, it will be reviewed by the Registrar to ensure that it meets the requirements of the Trademark Act. If there are no objections or issues, the Registrar will approve the renewal application and issue a renewal certificate for the next ten-year period.

It's important to note that the renewal of a trademark registration does not guarantee protection against infringement by third parties. The trademark owner must actively monitor and protect their trademark to prevent infringement and maintain its distinctiveness.

In conclusion, renewing a trademark registration is a crucial step to maintain the validity and protection of a business's brand identity. The renewal process involves conducting a trademark search, filing the renewal application with the appropriate fees, and waiting for approval by the Registrar. Businesses should ensure that they renew their trademark registration on time and actively monitor and protect their trademark to prevent infringement by third parties.


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