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FSSAI License Restriction on Importing Food Crops in India | Important Updation 2020

The FSSAI authority issued time to time notification / advisory to restrict or prohibit the unfair or unhygienic import from outside India. FSSAI authority had recently issued guidelines for importing the specific food crops from outside India. Any importer who is having the FSSAI License or FSSAI Registration and importing the food crops as mentioned below, have to obtain the Non-GM origin cum GM free certificate as per prescribed format from competent National Authority of the exporting country. The order shall be effective from 01st January 2021 and applicable to all over India and will be Implementing to all the importers holding FSSAI License for importing specific food crops.

Following are the food crops for which Non-GM cum GM free certificate is mandatory. Here the meaning of Non-GM means is the food crops which is not “Genetically engineered or modified”

1. Alfalfa

2. Apple

3. Argentina Canola

4. Bean

5. Chicory

6. Cowpea

7. Egg Plant (Brinjal)

8. Flax Seed Linumusitatissimum L

9. Maize

10. Melon

11. Papaya

12. Pineapple

13. Plum

14. Polish Canola

15. Potato

16. Rice

17. Safflower

18. Soybean

19. Squash

20. Sugar beet

21. Sugarcane

22. Sweet pepper

23. Tomato Lycopersicon esculentum

24. Wheat

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