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Major Benefits of getting register a Company 2020 | Online Company Registration | Raag Consultants

Company Registration
Company Registration Process 2020 | Register a Company | Raag Consultants

Hi, we are the leading Consultant in India. We have experience of more than 15 years in the field of Company Registration in India.

Thinking about starting a new business in India?

One of the most considerable option opted by creative minds to start a new business in India is getting register a Company. It offers certain additional perks as compared to other alternatives such as partnership or proprietorship.

Given below are the some major benefits of getting register a company in India:

Ø Separate Legal Entity

A Company has its own separate legal identity which means only the company will be responsible for all aspects of your business not the members. A Company is treated as a separate person in the eyes of laws who can exercise its own rights, bear its own liabilities. It can sue or can be sued on its own name and can own properties in its own name.

Ø Limited Liability

Prime benefit of having a company registered in India is limited liability of its members. By register a company, your liability will be limited to the face value of shares held by you.

Ø Perpetual existence

It means continuing or everlasting. A company continues to exist until it is dissolved legally. Even in case of death of all of its members, it will continue to exist unlike partnership or proprietorship firms.

Ø Free transfer of Ownership

You can always transfer your business by transferring your shares unlike in the case of proprietorship firms. Register a company name and it offers easy transferability of shares from one shareholder to another.

Ø Fund Raising There are many options to raise funds in case of a company. It can be either by issuing equity shares or by issuing preference shares or debentures. You can always find investors to fund your company based on your business idea. Also, a Company has more credibility as compared to partnership or proprieties firms where banks or financial institutions always prefer Company as their choice for providing loans.

Ø Brand awareness If you have thought of making your business as a big brand, register a new Company is the best option as it enhances the reputation and credibility of the business. Take a look at all the big brands like Tata, Birla, Reliance etc., all these are companies.

In case you need any legal assistance or legal advice on company registration services, you may contact us at +91 8800463370 / +91-11-40043213.

This article is written by Rahul Grover who is a content writer of Raag Consultants.

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