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What is Trademark Registration ?

A brand name that is usually refered to as "mark" can be clarified as an exceptional marker, image, visual communication, word, insignia, shading mix, the state of bundling, or mark, which has a lawful acknowledgment that recognizes an item or administration from its rivals. A brand name can be utilized either by an individual, firm, or business substance. Indeed, even smell and sound can be reserved at times.

The Trademark Registration is practiced by "Regulator General of Patents Designs and Trademarks, Ministry of Commerce and Industry", Government of India and the cycle is administered by the "Trademark Act 1999". The Trademark Registration is arranged under various classes that are chosen by the candidate. When the imprint is enrolled the candidate will be distributed with TM number which permits to follow your application and furthermore be approved to utilize the ™ image for the items enlisted under a specific class and on fruitful consummation of Trademark Registration® image can be utilized for the item. Also, the Trademark Registration will be substantial for a very long time which can be restored from that point. To guarantee an extraordinary and alluring brand name for a business, you should build up an association between your item and the imprint that effectively grabs the eye yet unique in relation to other existing brand names utilized by contenders.


Raag Consultants is the best IPR administrations stage for administrations identifying with Trademark Registration in India, offering an assortment of enlistment administrations like Trademark Registration, Trademark Objection, Trademark Renewal, Trademark Assignment, Trademark Opposition and Trademark Rectification.


Raag Consultants will help you in Trademark Registration from the solace of your home, offering you benefits that are exceptionally particular and custom-made for every person.


Get a Free Consultation for Trademark Registration with Our Top Rated Experts with a straightforward enrollment.

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What Need to Register the Brand Logo Trademark Registration :

SOLID LEGAL GUARD - Extends legitimate security from encroachment of the proprietor's privileges from the beguiling utilization of the brand name by contenders.


FABRICATES GOODWILL AND FAITH: - The imprint will go about as a marker of the nature of the item as it has legitimate acknowledgment.


NOVEL IDENTITY: - It permits customers to distinguish the item offered by the proprietor.


Legitimacy: - The enlistment guarantees security of the imprint for a very long time at an extremely low upkeep cost.


IMPROVES MARKETABILITY: - Trademark which is enrolled goes about as a theoretical resource for the association which can be sold, diversified, or industrially contracted.


WORLDWIDE TRADEMARK REGISTRATION FILING: - Global Trademark Registration is another feature of enlisting the brand name as the enrollment of the imprint done in India can be utilized as a reason for enrolling the imprint at some other country.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration / Brand Logo Registration :


The candidate should create evidences like identification, Aadhaar card, driving license, passport or ration card.


Business Premises Proof

Where the candidate is a corporate, at that point archives like Partnership Deed, Registration Certificate or Incorporation Certificate should be submitted.


TM 48

FORM TM 48 of the Trademarks Act 1999 is a form to approve a specialist/lawyer to document an application for Trademark application for the benefit of the applicant. The form should be appropriately filled, dated and finished paperwork for acknowledge by the applicant.



The logo to be reserved which is planned by the candidate should be submitted most ideally in highly contrasting arrangement. Be that as it may, in the event that the application brand name is made uniquely for a word the logo accommodation isn't obligatory. The candidate should be cautious in guaranteeing that the words referenced in the application should coordinate with the words contained in the logo.



At the point when a case of earlier utilization is made in the application, the accommodation of client affirmation is made required.

Different Types of Trademark Categories :

Under the Indian Trademark law coming up next are the sorts of brand names that can be enlisted :


Product Trademark: are those that are attached to distinguish products.


Service Trademark: are utilized to recognize the administrations of an element, for example, the brand name for a telecom administration, retails outlet, and so on They are utilized in publicizing for administrations.


Certification Trademark: are those that are fit for recognizing the products or administrations regarding which it is utilized over the span of exchange and which are affirmed by the owner concerning their cause, material, the technique for fabricate, the quality or other explicit highlights


Collective Trademark: are enlisted for the sake of gatherings, affiliations or different associations for the utilization of individuals from the gathering in their business exercises to demonstrate their enrollment of the gathering.


Sound Marks: are those where sound is utilized to play out the brand name capacity of remarkably recognizing the business beginning of items or administrations.

Step-wise Procedure to apply Trademark Brand logo Registration:

Raag Consultants will help you in Trademark Registration in Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai ,Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Sonipat, Haryana, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir and other cities across India from the solace of your home, offering you benefits that are extremely particular and custom fitted for every person.


Get a Free Consultation for Trademark Registration with Our Top Rated Experts with a basic enlistment. In this period of cutting edge innovations, the enlistment of a brand name should be possible both on the web and disconnected and is managed under Chapter III of the Trademark Act 1999. The way toward enlisting the brand name has gotten less drawn-out when done through web based after the means recorded down:-


Brand name SEARCH - A brand name search will be directed by Raag Consultants to check whether your chose mark is accessible and in the event of inaccessibility, we will help you in making a particular imprint that is available.

Choice OF CLASS - The brand name vault has grouped the merchandise and ventures under 45 classes and the candidate should choose a class under which its items/administration will fall to enroll the brand name.

APPLICATION Preparation - Registration should be possible by filling the application for Trademark Registration which will contain the insights about all pertinent subtleties of your business, logo, name, motto, and so on under which you are planning to enroll the brand name. Raag Consultants will set up your application with the help of the data and archives submitted.

Application Submission and Scrutnization - Once the application is arranged and marked, Raag Consultants will record the application before the Trademark Registrar. At that point the candidate will be granted the TM number that will permit the candidate to follow their application and utilize the ™ image for your items.

VIENNA CODIFICATION - The following stage is to join the Vienna characterization to hold fast to the arrangements of the Vienna Agreement 1973. What's more, the application status at this stage will be reflected as "sent for Vienna codification".

Assessment AND APPEAL - After the finishing of Vienna codification the application will be analyzed by the Trademark Officer, where the official has the watchfulness to protest or acknowledge the application. In the event that the application is dismissed the candidate has the option to document his complaints before the official and if there should be an occurrence of additional disappointment, the candidate can move toward the Intellectual Property Appellate Board. The help for recording a protest and other related strategies is additionally offered by Raag Consultants.

Trademark Published in Public Journal - The application is acknowledged by the official gets qualified to be distributed in the Trademark Journal where it goes about as an ad for the general population to mention a criticism against the said Trademark Registration inside 90 days from the date of such distributing. Also, in the event of certified protests raised inside the said period, the matter will be put to hearing before the Trademark Hearing Officer.

Issue Registration Certificate - When no protests are mentioned or assuming the criticisms are raised didn't remain in the wake of hearing, a Trademark original copy and Trademark Registration endorsement will be shipped off the candidate that will allow the candidate with the restrictive privileges of brand name proprietorship.

Procedure to apply Trademark Application by a Foreign Investor in India :

Enrollment of brand names is one of the significant assurances that organizations should benefit in Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai ,Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Sonipat, Haryana, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir and other cities across India. Numerous unfamiliar and homegrown Applicants have had the option to effectively enroll their imprints in India. Indian courts have maintained a considerable lot of those enrollments and conceded great choices to rights holders.


Notwithstanding the enrolling of their brand names in India, organizations need to receive different methodologies for securing their brand names. Some of them are referenced underneath:


  • Get brand name look in the classes that are important to you including the subordinate classes.

  • Get customary law look (this incorporates the web, market studies, business directory and catalogs) led to discover whether outsiders are utilizing your brand names and provided that this is true, the degree of such use.

  • In view of this data and subsequent to looking for the neighborhood direction's assessment choose if the brand name is accessible for use or not.

  • Should the brand name be accessible for use, promptly apply for the enlistment.

  • The rights holder ought to likewise consider employing a watching administration to screen the brand name diaries to make them aware of any distributed, misleadingly comparable brand names or enlightening brand names that may be of concern.

  • Should the rights holder own a brand name that has been utilized and has procured generosity and notoriety, it is fitting that alongside documenting of the brand name application in India, they ought to likewise make official statements, distribute preventative notification and publicize the imprint to guarantee that the pertinent segment of the general population knows that they are entering the Indian market and are shielding their brand name from any sort of outsider infringement.

  • The rights holder ought to likewise find prompt ways to enroll their space names including nation coded high level area names in India, as there host been numerous occurrences of third gatherings enlisting areas for certain notable imprints with the expectation of removing cash by selling these area names to the rights holders.

  • Should the rights holder find that their brand name is being encroached, they should find quick ways to ensure their brand name, either by the methods for documenting resistances, retractions, leading examinations, sending stop this instant notification or starting fitting common and criminal activities.

Why Trademark Expert / Trademark Consultant is Important

TRADEMARK Consultant is an expert in their field and have deep knowledge about the TRADEMARK application, what documents required for TRADEMARK Registration, what are the set formats of documents as per rules and regulation of TRADEMARK under which only the businessmen is allowed to prepare the documents and attached in the application. Businesses are not aware about the right documents and defined formats and face rejection of TRADEMARK Registration in a case they applied for TRADEMARK Registration in Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai ,Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Sonipat, Haryana, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir and other cities across India without the help of TRADEMARK Expert.


Following are the benefits to hire the TRADEMARK Agent / TRADEMARK consultant :


  • Assist in preparation of TRADEMARK REGISTRATION.

  • Assist in preparation of documents and details which need filing TRADEMARK REGISTRATION. ITR will be prepared as per the set formats defined under TRADEMARK rules and regulations.

  • Assist in expedite the process of scrutiny of documents and file the ITR in 3 days. 

  • Time to Time update regarding new rules and regulation published at TRADEMARK Portal.

  • Conduct Audit and Inspect the premises of the business and suggest the checklist points which the business need to comply with to avoid heavy penalties and imprisonment penalties.

Why Choose
Raag Consultants 

Raag Consultants is India's leading online legal service platform committed to assisting individuals with beginning and develop their business, at a reasonable cost. We were begun in 2017 with the mission of making it simpler for Entrepreneurs to begin their business and provide one stop solution platform for all the mandatory legal compliance. We have since helped begin and work a huge number of organizations by offering a scope of business legal support. Our motive is to help the businesses on the legal and administrative requirements, and be an accomplice all through the business lifecycle, offering support at each stage to guarantee the business stays in compliance with every mandatory legal requirements and persistently developing. 


We use a blend of innovation and human touch to convey quality business administrations, at scale across India. Our group of 100+ workers and our organization of more than 3000 experts spread across over 70+ cities and towns has caused us serve more than 1 million clients throughout the most recent 4 years. One of our quality delivering services are as under:

  • Professional working in Raag Consultants is having the experience of more than 28 years in their field.

  • Deliver the Services on time committed to our Clients, Save time of our Clients.

  • Guaranteed Lowest Cost as compared to other Consultancy Firm.

  • Committed to deliver best, if you are not satisfied with our services then all the advance professional fees will be refunded to you.

  • 24/7 Expert Assistance for our Clients.

Call or Whatsapp Now at +91 8800463370
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