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FSSAI License in case of Sweet Shops | Important Updation 2020 | Raag Consultants

Fssai authority had earlier issued the directives to the food business operator who are running sweet shops in India that all the sweet shops who is holding the Fssai license or Food License or Fssai Registration have to mention the date of manufacturing and the date of expiry on the crates of the loose sweets and the packing container of the sweets. But due to Covid-19 pandemic situation in India, the implementation of this advisory was extended upto 30th September 2020. From 01st October 2020, it is mandatory for every sweet shop operator to display the “Best before date” and “Date of Manufacturing” on the container / tray holding sweets at the outlet for sale in the local language also. Any food business operator, who is holding the FSSAI License or FSSAI Registration and not comply with the advisory issued by the department of Fssai may be liable for penalties and may cancel its FSSAI Registration or FSSAI License.

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