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Apply Ayush License | Online Ayush Manufacturing Retail Loan License Consultants 

Ayurveda known as "The Science of Life" is one of the most established calming sciences to have at any point endure be made in just about 5000 years or more. Subsequently, there has been a continuous development in the strength of Ayurvedic medication producing units set up in India. Additionally, since these prescriptions have no negative impacts, specialists expect the interest for such Ayurvedic medication to rise considerably more noteworthy. The interest for Ayurvedic medication has been on the ascent as of late because of its characteristic beginnings. Likewise, since they have no negative results, specialists expect the interest for such Ayurvedic medication to rise significantly further.


All the Manufacturers of Ayurvedic Products or Herbal products need to take Ayush Certification or Ayush License from the Ministry of AYUSH by applying in the state where the manufacturers are manufacturing ayurvdic or herbal products. The Ministry of AYUSH was implemented on Ninth November 2014, preceding it was known as the Department of Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy (ISM&H) which was formed in March 1995. 


Ayush License or AYUSH certification implies the approval that is given by the public authority to the individuals who wish to lead retail business in Ayurvedic/Unani/Siddha or any results of a similar sort anyplace in India. Without it, the Ministry of AYUSH, set up in 2014 can punish the guilty parties.

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 Types of Ayush License 

Ayush Manufacturing License:

It is acquired in the situations when the Manufacturer wants to get the permission for manufacturing and marketing of Ayurvedic and Herbal products. In this situation, the manufacturer needs to set up his own factory for manufacturing. It is procured in the circumstances when the applicant wishes of getting the permit and has come out with the arrangement of assembling and promoting, both of the items. In a circumstance like this, the maker needs to set up his assembling unit. Each state has its own arrangement of necessities for setting up such assembling units. One necessities to consent to every one of the prerequisites communicated by the state authority of AYUSH.

The Ayush License is applied under the state authority and the manufacturer need to apply ayush certificate in the state where the manufacturing facility is established. Government Fees and documents may vary in state to state. Following are the general documents which a manufacturer need to submit to get the ayush license as per ayush licensing act.

  • The production unit must be in an Industrial Area.

  • Minimum Size of Production unit must be atleast of 1200 sqft. (Per Category of Drug).

  • In case more than one category of Ayurvedic product category produced by the company, then need to add more space separately for additional category of drug or product.

  • The producing unit must be GMP Certified.

  • 2 Ayurvedic specialists and 2 Pharmacies should frame the piece of your company.

  • All the machinery related to production and packaging must be available in the plant.

  • Regular examination of the plant will be conducted by the Drug Inspectors.


Ayush Loan License:

In this sort of set up the production unit isn't owned by the applicant. The items are produced by the third party production units. Such ayush Loan license or permit is to apply with a GMP certified production company and after that the applicant is eligible for ayush loan license. After getting the ayush loan license, the applicant is eligible to label their company name as a manufacturing and marketing company.


Following are the general details and documents which the applicant need to submit to apply the ayush loan license:

  • The third party producing plant must be situated in a industrial area.

  • There must be minimum three rooms in the production plant with the accompanying determinations:-

  • Storage space for raw material.

  • Storage space for final products.

  • Office for regular dealing of the businesses.

  • Ayush loan license or permit must be renewed on regular basis.

  • The Drug Inspector will conduct inspection on regular basis of manufacturing faciity.

  • It isn't obligatory to have Pharmacist and Ayurveda specialists in the company.

Third Party Manufacturing License or Marketing Ayush License:

Person just includes in the advertising and selling of the business for this situation and production isn't under him. All the contact work and compliances must be seen by the manufacturing company for this situation. Manufacturer of ayurvedic or herbal products needs to get endorsement from concerned authorities. The candidate can give packaging material and raw material to the producer or they can be sourced by the manufacturer himself.


Ayush Retail and Wholesale License:

In the event that you need to sell the ayurvedic or herbal items as a retailer, you need to get a retail ayush license or permit. This permit is given to run and sell Ayurvedic medications/items in India and in the event that you need to sell Ayurvedic or herbal items as a wholesaler, you should get a whlolesale ayush license or permit. Wholesale ayush License is given to people or associations explicitly occupied with the Wholesale of Ayurvedic medications.

Ayush License, Raag Consultants
Ayush License, Raag Consultants
Ayush License, Raag Consultants

Documents Required for Ayush License or Ayush Certification

  • Applicant's KYC Details, for example, Name, Address, E-mail, Contact Number,

  • A duplicate of Manufacturing License,

  • Complete item list applied for issuance of COPP and their formulas,

  • Site Master record/Manufacturing Plant Layout,

  • Submit the production formula and its production process,

  • Way for investigation and final products specification Report,

  • Certified Products list,

  • Date of Manufacturing, Date of Expiry of Product, stability analysis report of the batch, name of the product,

  • Process validation report for three batches,

  • Technical staff list along with the information like experience, qualification, and approval status,

  • List of equipment and instruments used or to be used,

  • Water System Diagram,

  • HVAC System Diagram,

  • Export data for the last 2 years, wherever re-validation of COPP is applicable,

  • A proof of safety and effectiveness as mentioned in Rule 158B of Drugs & Cosmetic Rules, 1945.

  • Undertaking related to the absence of any non-herbal such as metals/ or minerals etc in the products applied for WHO-CoPPs (Applicable in case of herbal products)

  • Undertaking related to compliance with the provisions of domestic regulations inter-alia Drug and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and Rules thereunder, Drugs & Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954 and rules thereunder, (Applicable in case of herbal products).

 Who Required Ayush License or Ayush Certification 

Following are the person who mandatory requires Ayush License or Ayush Certification to deal in Ayurvedic medicines or herbal medicines products, otherwise penalty will be leived by the Ayush Authority:

  • Ayurvedic Medicines or products Manufacturer.

  • Herbal Medicines or products manufacturer.

  • Person involved in marketing or advertising of Ayurvedic or Herbal Products need to apply Ayush Loan License or Ayush Contract Manufacturing License.

  • Person having the retail or Wholesale business of Ayurvedic Products or Herbal Products.

Process to apply Ayush License or Ayush Certification

To get the ayush license or certification, the applicant need to apply for license under ministry of ayush. Following are the steps which the applicant need to follow to complete the registration process and get the Ayush License or Certification:

  • First, the applicant need to apply in the state authority of ayush from where he is operating the ayurvedic or herbal products. Applicant need to apply the ayush license in the eligible state ayush license website.

  • Second, Submit the application in the specified or defined formats of state authority along with supporting details and documents.

  • Third, Pay the fees according to the type of license through treasury challan.

  • Forth, After submitting the application and getting the fees, the ayush authority will send a drug inspector to the applied premises to inspect the premises and verify the attached documents.

  • Fifth, If everything found in order, then the drug inspector submit his report to the issuing officer and then the issuing officer after assess all the required points, issue the ayush license to the applicant.

Why Ayush License Consultant / Ayush License Agent is Important

The Ayush application, what documents required for Ayush License Certification Consultants application, what are the set formats of documents as per rules and regulation of Ayush Authority under which only the ayurvedic products business operator is allowed to prepare the documents and attached in the application. For example, while apply ayush License for manufacturing unit the applicant need to upload the specified documents, for which set formats have been designed to prepare and upload the documents in application. Person is not aware about the right documents and defined formats and face rejection of Ayush application in a case they applied for Ayush License without the help of Ayush Consultants.

Following are the benefits to hire the ayush registration expert / ayush registration consultant:

  • Assist in preparation of ayush License application.

  • Assist in preparation of documents and details which need to be attach in the ayush application. Documents will be prepared as per the set formats defined under ayush rules and regulations.

  • Assist in expedite the process of scrutiny of documents and pre-inspection process and issue the license within 30-40 days.

  • Time to Time update regarding new rules and regulation published at ayush portal.

  • Conduct Ayush Audit and Inspect the premises of the food business and suggest the checklist points which Ayurveda business operator need to comply with to avoid heavy penalties and imprisonment penalties.

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